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The Road to Shaping Aquaculture Together.

Everlush Nigeria has been a major distributor of aquaculture and other livestock products in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. And just recently, we partnered with Inve Aquaculture, a research pioneer in the aquaculture industry, to bring the best of aquaculture to fish farmers across Nigeria and Africa. 

Over the years, Inve has been supporting aquaculture businesses by developing, producing and implementing technological innovations that improve fish farmers bottom line.

More About Inve Aquaculture

Licensed Products

By June 2020, we commenced the registration of nine aquaculture products in Nigeria with NAFDAC and other respective agencies. These products are:
sanolife PRO W

Sanolife PRO-W

Sanolife PRO-W keeps fresh or sea water quality optimal, stabilizing the phytoplankton bloom due to the activity of the Bacillus.

This promotes rapid decomposition of waste material and helps to control pathogenic bacteria in ponds.

sanocare pur

Sanocare PUR

Sanocare PUR is a highly effective disinfectant which was formulated specifically for use in aquaculture.

It prevents major aquaculture pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds from entering the culture facility and reduces the presence of pathogens in the rearing environment during the production cycle.


EG Artemia SEP-Art

EG Artemia cysts offer large homogeneity, easy handling and very efficient hatching.

The SEP-Art technology provides a magnetic coating on the cysts, adding a new and unique feature to the shell: complete separation of the nauplii from the shell by means of a set of passive magnets.

The result is a suspension of pure, clean and very active nauplii, without shell material of any kind.

inve lansy breed essential

Lansy Breed Essential

Lansy Breed Essential is the perfect broodstock diet for an all-round use.

This diet contains sources of intact proteins and fatty acids based solely on marine ingredients. Additionally, it contains an extremely attractive oil source based on a marine invertebrate which greatly increases the palatability of the diet.

Because it’s rich in fatty acids, it improves egg quality and embryo development.

The O.range Hatchery Diets


The O.range hatchery diets are a one diet range for the entire hatchery cycle that is stable and floatable in water.

The different diets in the O.range perfectly meet the nutritional needs of the fish larvae and fry throughout the different hatchery stages.

O.range was formulated with the best marine ingredients available in today’s market to maximize fry performance and improve their resistance to stress.

O.range START 1/2

O.range START 1/2

O.range START was formulated to initiate fish larvae to artificial feeds which makes it highly digestible and attractive to the larvae.


O.range WEAN 2/4

O.range WEAN has excellent stability and floating properties in water which helps obtain satisfactory fish aquisition and feed uptake. Also, it is perfectly in balance as a partial Artemia substitute and contains free nucleotides to improve cell growth.

O.range GROW 3/5

O.range GROW 3/5

O.range GROW contains high levels of lipids and proteins formulated to support exponential fish growth.

GROW ensures an easy transition from weaning to post-weaning phase.

O-range Nurse 5/8

O.range NURSE 5/8 and 8/12

O.range NURSE was formulated using the best quality marine proteins and it contains high digestible raw materials that makes it easy to transition from hatchery to juveniles.

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